What is textile fiber ?


Textile fiber has some different characteristics which differ between Fiber to Textile fiber. Textile fiber can be spun ability. From this fiber, 1 st makes yarn than makes fabric from yarn. There are many processes to make yarn from fiber and yarn to fabric. The process is spinning for yarn and weaving, knitting, braiding, felting for making fabric. A fiber can be a textile fiber if it has 3 properties such as flexibility, cohesiveness, and sufficient strength. Those are essential requirements for textile fiber. And elasticity, fineness, uniformity, durability, and luster are the other property of textile fibers.

Properties of textile fiber

  • Fineness
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Color
  • Length
  • Inter attraction force
  • Chemically resist
  • Heat conductivity

Fiber: Fiber is a Natural and chemical substances which have strength, flexibility, high ratio with the length and diameter (Ratio is 1000:1) is called fiber. Such as hair, cotton, jute etc. Natural fiber are 3 types. A fiber is a substance which is hundred times long its diameter. Textile fiber

A material can be a fiber if it`s fulfill some condition.

  • Flexibility
  • Length: diameter = 1000:1

All fiber are not textile fiber

Fiber is a substance which has some property such as strength, flexibility and a fixed ratio. But textile fiber is different from fiber. Textile fiber has some special property which is fineness, strength, flexibility and spin ability. EX: hair is a fiber. Because this fiber has strength and fixed ratio. But this fiber has no spin ability and inter attraction force. Hair is not a textile fiber. So, all fiber are not textile fiber.

Classification of textile fiber

Textile fiber is two types

  1. Natural fiber
  2. Man-made fiber


  • Natural fiber are 3 types

  1. Vegetable fiber
  2. Animal fiber
  3. Mineral fiber


  • Man-made fiber are 3 types

  1. Regenerated
  2. Synthetic
  3. Semi Synthetic


Vegetable Fiber:

  1. Seed (cotton)
  2. Bust (Jute)
  3. Leaf (pina)
  4. Fruit (coir)

Animal  Fiber:

  1. Wool
  2. Silk
Natural fiber is also two types of element
  1. Cellulose fiber (cotton)
  2. Protein fiber (wool)

The Garment is the second basic need for human. Now, in Bangladesh this sector is very increasing.

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