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SSC Exam Results 2019 : How to see the SSC Examination 2019 The results of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the equivalent examination will be published on May 6. The copy of the fruit will be handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban on that day. Afterwards, the result is to be detailed.


Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said that the publication of the results of SSC and equivalent will be made in written form from the Prime Minister’s Office on May 6.

SSC Exam Results 2019 Publish Date: 6 May 2019


SSC Exam Results 2019

On the day of the publication, the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, along with the chairmen of all the boards, officially presented the essence of the results to the Prime Minister at Gonobhaban. The Prime Minister formally published the results. On the same day, the Education Minister mentioned the detailed details of the results at a press conference at noon.


Shahedul Khobi told the media that the regular meeting of inter-education board has been scheduled to publish the SSC results today. It was scheduled on May 6. During the 60 days after the examination, the SSC Result 2019 publication was set to be centered at this time. We will send the proposal to the Ministry of Education. Ministry will send to the Prime Minister’s Office From there, the day of the results will be determined.


How to see the SSC Exam Results 2019:

The results of all the boards of the country at once is published by Online Education Board website But on the same day from all over the country trying to see the results of the result, it becomes very easy to find out the results online. So it is necessary to find alternate methods for everyone. So the SSC Exam Results 2019 alternative methods are discussed.

  • Results of SSC examination of Dhaka Board 2019
  • Results of the SSC examination of Chittagong Board in 2019
  • Comilla Board SSC Examination Results 2019
  • Jessore Board SSC Examination Results 2019
  • Results of SSC Examination of Barisal Board in 2019
  • Results of SSC examination of Dinajpur Board
  • Sylhet Board SSC Examination Results 2019
  • Results of SSC Examinations of all the boards

See SSC Exam Results 2019

Links to the SSC examination results on the website:



Besides, sending small messages to the mobile can also be found. To get the results of the SSC examination, go to the message option of the mobile and write the SSC and enter the first three letters of the education board and space will be given. After sending the roll number and sending the number 2019 to 16222, the result will be announced in the return message. (Led: SSC DHA 123456 2019).


Process of knowing the results of SSC Exam Results 2019 through Mobile SMS

Any mobile operator’s message option will go to SSC.

  1. Then you need to enter the first three letters of your board with a space. Such as
  • Dhaka Board = DHA
  • Comilla Board = COM
  • Rajshahi Board = RAJ
  • Jessore Board = JES
  • Chittagong Board= CHI
  • Barisal Board = BAR
  • Sylhet Board = SYL
  • Dinajpur Board= DIN
  • Madrassah Board= MAD
  • Technical Board= TEC
  1. Then, by entering a space and enter your roll number.
  2. Now enter your examination year, 2019 with a space.


SSC <Space> DHA <Space> 123456 <space> 2019

The message should be sent to 16222.

  1. Method of getting results through SMS: (SSC Results 2019)

First 3 Letters of Your SSC examination Board<> Roll Number<> Passing Year and send SMS 16222

SSC RAJ 654321 2019 (AND SEND SMS 16222)

2. SMS method for Madrasa Education Board:

First 3 Letters of Your Dakhil Board<>Roll Number<>Passing Year and send SMS 16222

DAKHIL MAD 123456 2019 AND SEND SMS 16222

3. For SSC Exam Results 2019 Vocational:

First 3 Letters of Your SSC vocational Board<> Roll Number<> Passing Year and send SMS 16222

SSC TEC 123456 2019 AND SEND SMS 16222


B.D.: Students will be able to find Internet, Mobile SMS and SSC Exam Results 2019 from their respective organizations from 02:00 pm.

In addition, visit any of the results of the survey: If you have any problems in knowing, then you can find us by commenting below.

SSC results 2019

Note that this year’s SSC exam 2019 started on 1st February. Theoretical examination ends on February 25. 20 lakh 31 thousand 899 examinees participated in the examination. Of these students, 10 lakh 23 thousand 212 are boys and 10 lakh 8 thousand 687 are girls. At present, 3,416 centers of 10 boards were held in the center.

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