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When is Saint Mary Day 2019?

Also known as Mariamoba, St. Mary’s Day is a public holiday in Georgia celebrated every year on August 28.

The feast of Mary at the Orthodox Church is an important day. This is the Mother of Jesus Christ, the main episode of the Blessed Virgin.

History of Saint Mary Day 2019

This festival describes two events – Mary’s departure from this life and the idea of ​​her body in heaven

The Church’s formal belief is that Mary was regarded as a body and soul at the end of her life on earth.

Some mistakenly consider Mary to “ascend” to heaven, which is wrong. Jesus Christ ascended to heaven by His power. But Mary Shaw took Mary to heaven.

The remnants of the saints and those who gave their lives for faith at the beginning of the Christian century were saved from jealousy and greatly valued. Although many cities claim the mortal remains of the elite, both well-known and little-known, there is no record of Mary being physically separated.

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