Quit India Movement PPT | Quit India Day 2019

Quit India Movement PPT

Quit India Movement PPT: In a world full of agitators almost seventy years ago, 9 August is remembered for the slogan ‘Quit India day 2019’, especially in reference to our country. On 9 August 1925, ten revolutionary comrades of the Freedom Struggle had taken action to loot the treasury of the British Government in the train to express their anger against the British power and it is known as Kakori Kand in history.

Quit India Movement PPT | Quit India Day 2019

On August 9 Quit India Movement PPT, 1945, the last and second atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan of Quit British India on August 9, 1942, but Shaheed Bhagat Singh put a tradition of commemorating Memorial Day on August 9 every year to keep his memory fresh after the Kakori incident and that tradition was Gandhi’s British India Quit movement served as the backdrop to connect the public.

In Indian politics, almost all the slogans that are chanted to agitate the common people, almost all of those naras get the shadow of the slogans that emerged from the womb of freedom movement. That is why any movement is not important only for that immediate time. It has become part of people’s consciousness against the situation like slavery and for democracy and equality. Mahatma Gandhi called for non-cooperation movement, civil disobedience movement, do or die and British left India only to make the public feel full freedom against slavery of British Empire.

These slogans are part of the understanding of chance. There is an anger among the British quitting India because the British rulers were busy executing their tricks by realizing the far-reaching consequences of the kind of independent society that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to create in India and there was growing discontent in different parts of the society. In 1942, the conspiracy by the British Empire to divide India into two parts had become very clear and it was also clear that the communal forces of the country wanted to be an ally rather than prevent this partition.

Quit India Movement PPT:  The British Empire caused riots in Ireland among Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians, and after a long struggle when the Irish were not able to suppress the freedom movement of the people, they cut off the northern districts of Ireland from the rest of the state and became an independent state. Declared. They got Nigeria partitioned after returning from there. They fought battles between Arabs and Jews in Palestine, Negroes and Arabs in Sudan. The capitalist ruler is not attached to religion, he does politics of religion based separatism to maintain his power.

The ‘Quit India’ movement was brutally crushed. Soon after the Congress Working Committee’s decision on 8 August, the British Government had decided to weaken Mahatma Gandhi’s strength by crushing this movement so that they would not be able to stop future conspiracies. In the morning, all the big leaders of the Congress were arrested. It was the suppression of Daman that 940 people died in this movement at that time.

While 1630 people were injured and 18000 people were arrested on charges of treason, 60229 people were arrested on charges of other sections of the Indian Penal Code, but this figure is official. It is possible that on such a large scale there was a lot of oppressive incidents due to being included in these figures. It took the British government nearly a year to suppress the movement, while all leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, were arrested at the call of the movement.

A time and slogan is chosen for any movement so that there is a possibility of widespread support. The call of ‘Quit India’ in terms of time can be said to be favorable as the situation of the British Empire trapped in wars had become extremely weak. But the internal conditions were not favorable in that form. For the British there was the slogan of ‘Quit India’, then with it was the slogan of ‘do and die’ for the people of our country. But different discourses existed at many levels within internal politics.

Communal powers were out of this movement. Part of the emphasis was on religion-based nationality. Subhash Chandra Bose had also given the slogan of Delhi Chalons after sensing the situation of Britain. Actually, a political slogan and a movement based on it, the country is involved in many political developments in the world. The British ‘Quit India’ slogan came as Mahatma Gandhi’s final slogan of the freedom struggle. Those circumstances can be understood more deeply that despite the Congress leadership being in jail, this movement continued for months and the government had to work hard to suppress it.

After coming back from South Africa to India, there have been many stages of the movement under the command of Mahatma Gandhi and in all stages he understood the consciousness of the public mind and set the slogans of the movement and prepared to raise the public with the next slogan. Quit India was the third major call under Gandhi’s leadership. The movements of civil disobedience, non-cooperation, etc., were under the British rule, and they were the ones who opposed them.

Mahatma Gandhi’s movements can be understood as the difference between freedom and self-government. Freedom is not synonymous with self-government. Actually, Mahatma Gandhi’s emphasis has been on the process of struggle and construction. The call for Quit India had become a mass movement rather than a Congress movement and continued despite the leadership being jailed. Such movements take the form of consciousness of society. Quit India Movement PPT.

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