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National Honey Bee Awareness day: Beekeeping has been done since ancient times to produce honey. Beekeeping is considered a part of agriculture. Through this, agriculture also benefits and crops also grow.

Beekeeping or honey production is counted in low-cost businesses with high profits. It provides another beneficial source of income to farmers along with farming.

National honey bee awareness day

Honey is considered to be the best source of natural sweeteners and due to its rich medicinal properties, it is also used as a natural medicine. Most health-conscious people use honey instead of sugar to bring sweetness to foods.

National Honey Bee Awareness day

In the last few years, the demand for honey has increased at both national and international levels quite rapidly. As a result, along with the continuous increase in consumption of honey in the country, its exports have also seen a significant increase.

National honey bee awareness day

National honey bee awareness day

With the increasing demand for honey and the introduction of new technologies, now the business has also increased profits than before. This is the reason why now even young businessmen are taking this business seriously and are stepping into this field. National honey bee awareness day

Strong business position of honey in Indian market

National honey bee awareness day

Talking about the Indian market, there is an annual trade of about 2000 crores of both branded and unbranded honey. The share of branded honey in this is about 700-800 crores.

Currently, the market for branded honey is heading towards a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 10%. About 700 million tonnes of natural honey is produced every year in the country, of which around 50% is exported annually. National honey bee awareness day

There are huge possibilities in the export market for Indian honey

Indian honey is known worldwide for its quality. During 2010-2016, the global demand for Indian honey increased by nearly 240%. During this period, the largest export of Indian honey was made in the US and in recent years it has increased by about 356%. National honey bee awareness day.

Apart from the US, other major importers of Indian honey include United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Morocco. Given the increasing demand for Indian honey globally, there is immense potential for this business in the export market. National honey bee awareness day.

Beekeeping and honey production are happening on a large scale in India

In India, beekeeping has often been done in hilly areas. But due to the increasing profit in this business for the last few years, beekeeping has started in large scale in the plains of the country.

At present, in various states like Uttar Pradesh, South Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, people are engaged in beekeeping on a large scale and produce honey in large numbers. Have been.

The profit ratio is much higher than the cost incurred in bee keeping and honey production. One of the reasons for the rapid expansion of this industry is the limited requirement of man power as the main function of honey production is done entirely by bees. Only man power is needed for other tasks and maintenance that occur after that. National honey bee awareness day.

How to start a business of beekeeping and apiculture

To establish and make any industry successful, accurate information about it is very important. If you want to do business of beekeeping or honey production, then first visit a nearby bee farm and take a close look at the functioning there. Apart from this, you can also get vocational training related to this trade.

Honey Bee Farming Information

In bee farms, bees are reared in specially made wooden compartments. There are three types of bees in each box – queen bee, male bee and labor bee. The average age of the queen is one year, the average age of the male is 6 months, and the average age of the worker is 40–45 days.

A bee can hold a maximum of 10 frames. But it is better to keep as many frame bees as you can take care of properly. However if you are within your budget, you can also hire trained beekeepers in your farm to take care of the bees.

About 50 kg of honey is produced in a year from one box and new bees worth 2-3 cartons are also received. In this way, the quantity of honey along with the number of bees also increases continuously.

Choose a moistureless, clean and open area for the bees to live. Keep in mind that there is proper management of large shady trees, necessary sunlight and clean water for adequate shade in the location you choose. Also it is important that you choose only good species of bees for your farm.

The appropriate time for beekeeping begins in November. So as far as possible, gather all the resources beforehand and make all other necessary preparations as well.

Honey Processing Related Information

After the honey is collected in the hives, a honey processing plant is required to process it. With this, the work of packing and removing honey from the hives is also done. It costs about 20 lakhs to set up this plant.

To make honey, the beehive is first isolated from the honeycomb and transported to honey processing with complete safety.

Honey is extracted from the honeycomb by putting it in a machine extractor. The honey is then heated to 49 degrees centigrade (so that all the crystals present in it melt well) and kept at the same temperature for the next 24 hours. After that the packing and labeling of honey is done.

If your budget is low and you do not have the capacity to set up your own honey processing plant, then you can get the extraction of honey from elsewhere.

Business Plan & Funding Arrangements

Find out all the resources and their costs required for beekeeping and honey production. Make your business plan and manage the required capital accordingly.

If you start beekeeping at a small level, then you can easily establish this industry for 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees. However, you will need more capital to set up a honey extractor plant. For that you can take loan under government scheme.

Registration & Licensing

Find out the registration and licensing process required for bee keeping and honey production business. Accordingly register your industry and get all the necessary licenses. Being a food-related business, it is especially mandatory for you to get a license by getting your product tested by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (fssai –

Pay attention to sales as well as promotions

Prepare the sale after the honey production and packaging process is complete. Promote your industry and product so that people know about your product. For this, along with the help of local services, you can also use social media.

Take special care of your product quality to succeed in this business. Nowadays people show more interest in buying honey prepared on the farm. So, apart from selling in the market, you can also sell your honey locally. Also you can sell your honey online.

First start selling at the regional or national level according to your budget and production and build your business. After that, depending on your production capacity, you can also step in the field of export.

Keep these things in mind before starting beekeeping

First of all, make sure that you are dedicated to establishing and advancing this industry. The main reason for this is that it takes about a year for you to get results and profit in this business. So you have to be patient to wait so long.

To get the bees to work properly, it is very important to have an understanding about their nature and style. Therefore understand the synergy between bees and humans.

The production of honey is mainly dependent on bees. So take special care of their health.

Government is also getting encouragement

Consistent efforts are also being made by the government to increase the honey production manifold in the country, in view of the fast growing demand for honey and the benefits that farmers get from bee keeping. For this, large scale schemes are being conducted in various states, including various types of training, industry information, and financial assistance for farmers and entrepreneurs related to this sector.

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC – Khadi and Village Industries Commission) of the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Government of India has various schemes to promote bee keeping. .

Under these schemes, up to 65% loan is provided to the entrepreneur initially for setting up honey processing plant. Also, 25% subsidy provides additional financial support. On the KVIC website you can find information related to beekeeping business and government schemes under Honey Mission


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