Moldova national language day 2019 wishes,images,quotes an messages

 Moldova national language day 2019
 Moldova national language day 2019

 Moldova national language day 2019

 Moldova national language day 2019:hey guys ,we wish very happy Moldova national language day 2019 at the beginning at our post.31 august 2019 is the national language day of moldova.our post is about this post we tell about moldova language day,wishes,images,quotes and messages.for more information please visit .

 Moldova national language day 2019

Moldova is country of is at the corner of balkan region of Europe.the name of the capital of moldova is Chisinau..the capital is located at the central south part of the country.its official name is republica moldova or republic of moldova.the form of government in this country is unitary parlimentary republic with a single legislative house.the head of state is its president.

the name of official language is romanian.there are no official religion.the total population of this country is 3330000 .its population rank is 134.the total area of this country is 13067 SQ mile.the population density of this country is 254 person per SQ mile.


 Moldova national language day 2019 wishes,sms,images and messages

Now a days sms ,wish is very popular system for us for wishing some we write some sms wish,quotes for you.


  • Everybody we know that language is the most agreeable things feom which we can not get off.Happy language day.
  • A language is the correct expression of the character reference that increase the quality of speakers.Happy language day.
  • We know that learning different language is equal becoming a different we should respect to all mother language.Happy language day.
  • We all really love three subjects mostly,they are mother,motherland and its language.Happy language day.
  • We should remeber all of our martyrs in this day with humble respect as they laid down for this language.Happy language day.


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 Moldova national language day 2019
 Moldova national language day 2019

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