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HSC Result 2019 Online: Are you  searching for HSC Result 2019 Online? Bangladesh Ministry of Education has been published the date of publishing HSC Result 2019 online. Here we discuss about the system by which we can get Hsc result 2019 through online.By  Bangladesh Education Ministry and Education Board  we can know that HSC Result 2019 will be published on 19th July,2019.On this day, All the education boards of Bangladesh will publish HSC Result 2019 together.  On this website::www.educationboardresults.gov.bd students will be able to Know about the will be their result.Students can get the result by sending SMS  also.To know details about the post,

please visit  our website www.kisukotha.com 


BY SMS System

First three letters of HSC <Space> Education Board <space> HSC Roll <Space> 2019


 Date of publication HSC result 2019 Online

The results of HSC examination play an important role in Bangladesh. Many types of  examinations are conducted in our country. HSC exams are one of them. Here we will discuss  about HSC exams and its results.

The HSC Result Publish Date is 21 July 

HSC Result 2019 Online

HSC  Examination 2019

In this year,HSC examination started on April 1, 2019. About 12 lakh 18 thousand 628 students from Bangladesh from different board are participating in the examination.their are 6 lakh 54 thousand 114 boys and 5 lakh 64 thousand 514 girls from 8305 educational institutions under 10 education boards participate in the examination. There are 10 educational boards including Madrasa Board and Technical Board


Date of publication HSC result 2019

Everybody know that results are published within three months of the end of the  examination in our country.  In This year HSC and Alim examination results will be published in July . The possible date of publication of these results is July 21, 2019. All the education board of Bangladesh will publish results simultaneously on this day. On this day, the Education Minister of Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni will send the results to our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.After 2 pm, all educational institutions and online results will be available. Then we get results from the Bangladesh Education Board’s official website :www.educationboardresults.gov.bd will be available. You can learn the results through SMS. To do this:

1) Go to your mobile message option first

2) Type “HSC” or “ALIM”

3) Then the first three letters of the Education Board. For example –

  •  Dhaka Board: DHA
  • Comilla Board: COM
  • Rajshahi Board: RAJ
  • Sylhet Board: SYL
  • Barisal Board: BAR
  • Dinajpur Board: DIN
  • Jessore Board: JES
  • Chittagong Board: CHI
  • Technical Board: TEC
  • Madrasa Board: MAD


4) Write your HSC Roll Number

5) Now write test year

6) Send the message to 16222.


HSC examinations statistics 2019

  • Eight General Education Boards – 10,92,607
  • Madrasa Board -10017
  • Technical Board -117754
  • Boy student- 693730 people
  • Girl Student – 618772
  • Examination Center-2541


About 300 students also participated in the examination from 7 countries.


Process of publishing results of HSC Result 2019 Online in Bangladesh

According to the Bangladesh Education Ministry and the Education Board, the result of the examination must be published within 90 days. In addition, the results published in the 60 days of the examination are mentioned in the rules. According to this rule, the last week of July is likely the date to publish the results of the HSC result 2019 online. Our test began on April 1, 2019. The test will end on May 13, 019. The results of the test will be published on July 21, 2019.

From  statistic, we can estimate that the results will be published in the last week of July and the possible date 21 July, 2019.

How to get HSC result 2019 online.

we can get HSC result 2019 online by various system. they are

  1. Mobile SMS
  2. Education Board result
  3. web based result
  4. Different Education Board web site
  5. institutions
  6. by app

HSC Result 2019 Online through mobile sms

You can learn the results through SMS. To do this:

1) Go to your mobile message option first

2) Type “HSC” or “ALIM”

3) Then the first three letters of the Education Board. For example –

  •  Dhaka Board:   DHA
  • Comilla Board:   COM
  • Rajshahi Board:   RAJ
  • Sylhet Board:     SYL
  • Barisal Board:   BAR
  • Dinajpur Board:   DIN
  • Jessore Board:   JES
  • Chittagong Board:   CHI
  • Technical Board:   TEC
  • Madrasa Board:    MAD


4) Write your HSC Roll Number

5) Now write test year

6) Send the message to 16222.


 HSC Result 2019 Online through website

For  getting HSC result 2019, at first we enter  the  education board website www.educationboardresult.gov.bd .Then give Name of examination like  HSC/ Alim the education board name, roll number, registration number and click the submit button .After submitting   we can find our result.


 HSC Result 2019 Online through web based

Web based  is the  another system of finding result. at first we  enter at www.eboardresults.bd . This is provided us  various types of result like

  1. Individual result

2.institution result

3.center result

4.district result

5.institution analytics


HSC Result 2019 Online through different educational board website

We can get result from different education board website.link off all board website is in below:

After enter the link fullfill the box with information like roll no,registration no etc and click the submitt button.then we get result from this.


[toggle title=”HSC Result 2019 Online through Mobile App” state=”close”]


we can also get results through mobile apps. The government of Bangladesh has created an official app. The process of checking the results through mobile apps is very simple and fastest. Download the App “Board Result” from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone to get results. When the HSC results will be published from the Ministry of Education 2019, enter the app.

After entering the app, select your results and type HSC, name of education board, year, roll number. Then press the Submit button. Then you will easily get HSC result 2019. [/toggle]


[toggle title=”Marksheet of HSC result 2019 online” state=”close”]

The Bangladesh Education Board will publish the complete mark sheet of HSC results 2019 results on their official website. You can collect test results and marksheets from there. You can also collect results and marksheets through different websites. Stay with us to get the results of the test and the first one to get a mark sheet. [/toggle]


[toggle title=”All official websites will publish their results.” state=”close”]

View the SSC Result 2014 by SMS. Submission Results 2015, SSC results will be published in the same date and at the same time at the same time. All the candidates will get their results in online results and mobile SMS system. In this post, the underwriter and their guardian will get some special information and techniques from us. The results of the submission are conducted by the Madrasa Education Board. [/toggle]


Many students take part in the intermediate examination under Madrasa every year. Now, the Ministry of Education publishes both online and SMS system results at the same time. Mobile SMS system will allow test results from any mobile phone through GSM network. There is no internet connection, the requirement for this system of smartphones.


[toggle title=”Soviet results 2019 Official SMS Format” state=”close”]

There is an official mobile SMS system for the results of the submission of the madrasa board exams. You can check the desired results from a SIM card. So, follow the Mobile SMS system below.

Submit <Space> MAD <Space> Roll <Space> 2019

First, open the mobile message option and type interrupt. Now, type a space and type MAD. This is the first three letters of Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh. Then again a space and type your Dakhil roll number. Enter another place and type in 2019 and send message to 16222. After sending the message, 2.44 Taka will charge from the mobile account balance.


Driving marksheets Mobile SMS can not be downloaded or checked. Students will be able to see the written exam number (number) from online. We are providing mobile SMS based results test instructions here, by checking the results of the submission of the candidates for the year 2019 through SMS.


The Education Ministry and the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board will announce the exact date of the submission of the results of the year 2019. So, send messages to get your results quickly (not before the results are published). Thanks for being here.

Barisal Board SSC Results 2019 All the information that can be checked online is described here. All public results including Barisal Education Board, Bangladesh SSC Results, HSC Results, and JSC results can be checked online at Barisal Board’s official website www.barisalboard.gov.bd and eboardresults.com. These are personal arrangements for the examination of Barisal Board SSC results. Candidates or other people can easily see online SSC results of Barisal Education Board by 2019.

Both systems of individuals or organizations are available on the official website and ebardresults.com. Official results of the Education Board published archives Bangladesh. So, only personal results can check from official results website [/toggle]


SSC Results 2015 Barisal Board Check Online:

We recommend you to visit www.educationboardresults.gov.bd to test your results. This server board name, year, and test name must be selected for some information. Not only this, but it will also ask for SSC roll number and registration number examination. So, keep this information ready and then quickly check your results.




Those who do not know the registration number can also check their results online. However, the previous server will not approve the results of the test without registration number. This time, you can check online SSC results of Barisal Board online When you visit this link, you will receive all the instructions to check the result.


Some people directly check the results of their Barisal Education Board from Barisal Board website. However, during the publication of results, Barisal board website will not see results due to high traffic. So, we recommend you follow our guidelines and check your results quickly.

HSC results 2019 mobile app! All Android Smartphone users will be able to check the BD results from their Android Mobile App and Education Board with Android Apps. In this post, we describe the results of the 2015 HSC exams through the Android Mobile App. Here, we will be able to install the app from the Google Play Store, download the APC version of the HSC results Android Mobile App 2015 and HSC Results 2015 Check through the Android Mobile App. Check out HSC results 2019 by app and get full idea only to read the full story.




How to Download HSC Results 2015 Android Apps?

Smartphone users want to test the results of the HSC exams through the Android app, first download the app. Users can easily download applications from the Internet. Users have a Google account, they can log in to Google Play Store and install the app directly. After successful login, search the BD results through the official apps.




Then, you show the official Android app of BD results that are managed and developed by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Then, to install the app on your Android, click the Install button. Remember, if you are not logged into Play Store or New, you must first login before installing. After installing, you will be eligible to check your HSC results 2019 by the application.




hsc result 2019 mobile app


If you do not have a Google account, you can download the BD Result Official Android App’s APK file from Open Source (anywhere) and manually install it on your mobile. Just download the “Official App App of BD” and download the app on your device and then install it on your Android mobile, where you can see your HSC results 2015.


How To Check HSC Results 2015 By Application?

HSC results will be formally published in the year 2015, in the HSC examination, the Android mobile app will be able to verify their results instantly. If the result is already published, turn on your Android mobile data connection and then open the app. Then follow the following system:


After opening the app, click the results button.

Then select HSC / Alim from the examination department.

Then, select your education board

Please select 2019 as HSC Passing Year

Write your 6-digit HSC Roll Number

Then click the button to show your results or click the Clear button to access the information again.

By following the above system, the entire user can check the HSC results 201 by the application. The results of the HSC exams for all educational boards of 2019 can be checked freely and fast.


By reading this article, you will be able to understand the HSC results 2019 through the app. If you have any questions, please contact us to let us know. Please share this post to your friends so that they can be eligible for their HSC examination results 2015 by mobile SMS.

HSC results SMS SMS! Dear users, Greetings from us about the results of the Education Board Bangladesh results check out. We are happy to inform you that we have added the system to check through SMS from all operators in the HSC results2019. The results of the public examination by Mobile SMS were conducted by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited, and Teletalk Education Portal No. 16222 SMS was regulated and maintained. This means users will send messages to 16222 to test their results and they get an SMS from 16222. Read the details below and get clear ideas.




How to test HSC results by SMS?

How to test HSC results in 2015 through SSSS is the most popular question! There are no rules for a large number of people to check the results of HSC exams through SMS. In this post, we’re adding all the details about the SMS system to test the results of the HSC, online and SMS testing conditions. Just go to the message option on your mobile phone and type the following format. Then send message to 16222.

After sending a message to your mobile 16222, if your SMS is sent correctly, you will get your results from 16222. At the bottom, you can read the terms of the SSC 2015 HSC results.


HSC Result 2015 SMS Terms By:

If you want to test their results through mobile SMS, you will need to know the condition of checking the HSC results for the exams or other people by SMS. So, read this and check your results quickly through Mobile SMS. Check AES SC results through mobile app


Users who want to test the results of the HSC exams by mobile SMS will have to send the message after publishing the results officially.


The customer must send the message to the correct format which we have added above.

Customers must have sufficient balance in their mobile account to verify the results.

Single roll number is only allowed to test HSC results through SMS format.

We hope that you successfully understand HSC results by SMS 2015. With the above system, you can check the HSC exam results of all the education boards. If you have any idea according to the HSC results of 2019, please share your experience through mobile SMS. We are always ready to serve you soon.

Lastly, the post of HSC Result 2019 Online will be very helpful for those who are looking for HSC Result 2019. So share this article in your social account, and comment in the comment box below to ask for different opinions and questions. Also stay with us to get the HSC results 2019 Online first. Thank you.

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