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HSC exam result 2019. The HSC results of the year 2015 will be published in mid-July, So you can wait a few days to find out the date of publication of the correct education board. Note that Bangladesh has started HSC and equivalent exams on 1st April, 2019. The theoretical exams started on 1st April and the end of 11th May. The real test begins on May 12 and 21. In this year, 10 board examinations took part in 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 exams.



There are two thousand five hundred and forty six centers in Bangladesh. The HSC results and Diploma Business Studies Diabetes 2011 will be published in the second week of July.Results of the Education Board will be published on 2019 Education Board’s official website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. HSC exam result 2019.

Every year, before the test begins, the question papers are leaked. To stop the question-answer, every candidate must enter his own examination center before the 30-minute test. Prior to the start of the examination, all set question papers are sent to the police station or from the Treasury to a safety-related packet testing center.

The Ministry of Education has taken this initiative to prevent leakage of HSC and equivalent examinations.

HSC exam result 2019 Publish Date:

On 24/03/2015, the Ministry of Education releases the Standards Standards for the HSC Routine 2019 and the DiBIS Examination Routine 2019. The HSC exams started from 1st April and DBS exams are 41 days long. HSC exam results will be displayed in 2019? Usually the Education Board publishes HSC results within two months from the end of the examination. HSC results of the year 2016 published on July 19, 2018 So this year HSC results will be published in July.HSC exam result 2019.

How to get the HSC exam result 2019?

At the end of the exam, everyone is wondering how the results will emerge and how to get results! Many people get results from college. But you can test your HSC results through mobile handsets or laptops. Via SMS or the Internet But there may be some problem while examining HSC results through the Internet. Because many people try to enter the 3G website at the same time.

HSC exam results will be published? HSC Result 2014, published on August 13, 2014, HSC results 2015, August 9, 2015 HSC results 2016, HSC results published on 18th August, 2016, July 27, 2007, July 11, 2017, HSC results, July 19, 2018 Was published. . And the HSC results of the year 2015 will be published in July,


How to get HSC exam result 2019:

You can get HSC results 2019 results in two ways: 1) Receive results through SMS via mobile. To get HSC test results 2019 from your mobile, go to the mobile phone message option: Enter the HSC Space: The first three letters of your board space Enter your Roll Number Space 2019 and send it to 16222. Example: Send the HSC DHA 123456 to 2019 and 16222 (from any operator number) Name of the education board


  • DHA – Dhaka Board
  • Bar – Barisal Board
  • SYL – Sylhet Board
  • COM – Comilla Board
  • CHI – Chittagong Board
  • RAJ – Rajshahi Board
  • JES – Jessore Board
  • DIN – Dinajpur Board
  • MAD – Madrasah Board
  • TEC-Technical Board

You will get the results of your preferred HSC exam result 2019 at the return SMS. But due to the past few years of experience, SMS results are often delayed. 2) Through the Internet: HSC results are published only from the Education Board’s web site on the internet.

To get results, go to the Education Board website and select your test name, board, roll number, registration number. Then press the Submit button. Check your HSC results 2019 from the Education Board website HTTPS://WWW.EDUCATIONBOARDRESULTS.GOV.BD/ with full market from here


Many of us do not know how to find GRADE POINT. See how HSC results will be out of GRADE POINT

HSC exam result 2019 grade calculating system:






80 – 100 5.00 A+
70 – 79 4.00 – 4.99 A
60 – 69 3.50 – 3.99 A-
50 – 59 3.00 – 3.49 B
40 – 49 2.00 – 2.99 C
33 – 39 1.00 – 1.99 D
0 – 32 00 F

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