Hijri New Year 1441 Happy Hijri New Year 2019 images, Messages, Quotes

Hijri New Year 1441

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Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

Hijri New Year is most important for Muslims. They count their year by Hijri year. The last year was 1440 and the New Year is 1441. The 1st name of the year is Muharram. The name of 12 months are-

Hijri Calender 1441 – Click Here

  1. Muharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabee Al-Awwal
  4. Rabee Al-thany
  5. Jumad Al-Awwal
  6. Jumad Al-Thany
  7. Rajab
  8. Shaaban
  9. Ramadan
  10. Shawal
  11. Thul-Qidah
  12. Thul – Hijjah

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019 Images

All the months are depend on moon. When the moon 1st raise, that day is the 1st day of the month. The Muslim world celebrate 1st day of Muharram as Islamic New Year.

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

1441 was the beginning of the Islamic calendar

The moon of Holy Maharam month was seen yesterday in the sky of Bangladesh. As a result, the first month of the year 1 Hijrah, the first month of Mahram, has been started. As such, the holy Ashura (7th Maharram) will be celebrated on November 7 (Tuesday). Happy Hijri New Year to all.

History of the Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019


1439 AH, 1439, appears again among us. The first month of the Arabic calendar is the Maharram. Our first Maharam is the Hijri New Year. The Hijri New Year is a national festival of the Muslim Ummah. Every year in the Hijri New Year emerges the beloved Prophet Muhammad. From this Mecca to the holy memory of the emigration to Madinah. Dear Reader! Then Asun Rasool Sa. Little is known about that historical event, the emigration.


What is migration and why? Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

Exodus means leaving, moving from place to place. By the command of Allah Ta’ala, the Prophet. He and his Companions were reported to have left the city of Mecca and left for Madinah to spread Islam and spread Islam.

Over the ages, almost all the prophets have had to leave their homeland and move to another place. Because opposing the Prophets, slandering them, slandering them, or even killing them is not a new phenomenon in the history of the world.

The last Prophet Muhammad. When Allah Ta’ala receives the command, “Therefore, publicly declare what you are commanded.”

(Surah Al-Hijr, 9)

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019 Quotes

Since then, dear Prophet Sa. The people of Makkah abandoned idol worship and began to call for the worship of one God. Apart from a few fortunate persons in hand, most of the disbelievers in Makkah were Muslims. He did not respond to that call. Not one and a half, but he began to interrupt his preaching. Inhuman oppression continued. Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019.



Even socially the Prophet. And boycott his companions. Some again showed the temptation of abundance. The Prophet (peace be upon him) overthrew their hundred tortures and temptations. He declared with firm conviction, “Even if the moon is brought in my hand in one hand, I will not be deterred from doing whatever duty God has given me.”

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019 wishes

Messenger of Allah. Upon hearing this announcement, the disbelievers of Kafir came to the conclusion that they were Muhammad. Who will kill The Great Allah told his beloved servant that he should emigrate. By the command of Allah Ta’ala, he was in his bed. Who left the house with great surrender and his beloved companion, Abu Bakr Siddiq. Who left for Madinah, 25 miles from Mecca. Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019

Where the Prophet sa. Before this, many of his disciples were standing in front of him.

When the people of Medina came to know Muhammad Sa. Arriving in Madinah, the poets there were busy writing poems to address him. When he arrived at Cuba, a suburb of Madinah seven days after crossing a long 20-mile route, the voice of thousands of people was heard,

Tala ‘Al Badru’ Alayna

Min Chhaniatul Bida. ‘

That is, from the mountain of Bida, the full moon has risen on us.

There is no comparison to the unique role that this emigration has played in propagating and spreading Islam. Only this exodus revealed the far-reaching horizon of Islam.

Speaking of the importance of migration, historian Joseph Hale said, ‘It is a tuning point in the life and work of the Prophet. The great tuning point in the history of Islam. ‘

Therefore, migration is a very important chapter in the life of the Muslim Ummah. This is why the Hijri festival originated from this migration.


About the beginning of Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019


Caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq said. During the reign of that Hijri, the renowned Prophet Abu Musa Ashari said. Iraq and Kufr served as governors.

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019 Messages

Abu Musa Ashari said once. Caliph Umar To him, he wrote, ‘It is not possible for us to compose any letter on any given day without the date, month, time, date, etc. in the letters containing advice or instructions from us. By doing this we have to work very hard to execute instructions. Many times we feel embarrassed not to receive the continuation of the letter.

Hazrat Umar received the letter of Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari. In this regard, the meeting called for an Islamic date to be introduced from now on. Hazrat Usman said in the meeting. Many of the prominent disciples including Hazrat Ali were present.


On the basis of the advice and opinion of all present, Omar said at that meeting. The decision was made to introduce Islamic law. However, there is disagreement over which month the year will start.

Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019 Facebook Status


Someone like the Prophet. The month of his birth begins with Rabiul Awal. And some people like the Prophet’s mother. Let’s start the year from the month of grace. According to others, sir. Let’s start the year from the month of emigration.


Thus, after discussing various views, Hazrat Umar said. Said, sir. The calculation of the Hijri sun cannot be started from the month of its birth. Because the Christian community is Jesus. From the month of its birth, Christ began counting. Therefore, starting from the month of the Prophet’s birth, there will be an analogy with Christians, which is acceptable to Muslims.


Abar sir sa. The count can not be started even from the month of the day of office, because it includes the Prophet. The pain of its death will rise again and again between us. In addition, an anti-Islamic tradition of mourning the death of the ignorant will be resurrected.


Hazrat Omar Hazrat Uthman said this fine statement. Ali Hazrat Ali Support in solitude. Then after much thought, Hazrat Umar Farooq said. From the year of emigration, the Islamic calendar decided to count.

January 8, 2012, in a joint effort by Hazrat Omar Farooq, the founder of the Hijri Sunnah, Abu Musa Ash’ari, Hazrat Oli Ra and Hazrat Oman. Hijri New Year 1441 – Happy Hijri New Year 2019.

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