Malaysia Hari Merdeka । Happy Malaysia National Day 2019


Happy Malaysia National Day 2019: Malaysia (Malay: Malaysia) is a Southeast Asian country consisting of thirteen states and three unified provinces. The country’s capital city is Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya is the capital of the federal government. The country is divided into two parts, the Malaysia Peninsula and East Malaysia by the South China Sea. Malaysia’s land borders include Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei; It has borders with Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. The total population of Malaysia is more than 20 million.

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Happy Malaysia National Day 2019 images

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Happy Malaysia National Day 2019


Government and politics Malaysia

The Malaysian political system operates within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. The king is the head of the state and the prime minister is the head of the government. The current king of Malaysia is the fifth Mohammed. [Citation needed] The executive power is in the hands of the Malaysian government and four state governments. The judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative departments, but the executive department exerts some influence on the judiciary through the appointment of judges.


Administrative Region

Malaysia has 3 federal territories and 3 states. There are five federal territories


Kuala Lumpur



5 states respectively:













Negri Sembian



King of Malaysia | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

As a constitutional monarchy, the king is the protector of the kingdom based on ancient traditions in Malaysia. The current king is the fifth Mohammed.


Malaysia and Mahathir | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Dr Mahathir Mohammed (born July 5, 1224) is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia and the architect of modern Malaysia. He took over as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the 5th. The ruling party, under his leadership, won the parliamentary elections five times and formed the government. He was the longest democratically elected Prime Minister of Asia. He voluntarily resigned as Prime Minister on October 7, 2007. After a long fifteen years of retirement, at the age of 12, Mahathir Mohamed returned to politics because of the widespread corruption of Prime Minister Najib Razak. He was sworn in as Prime Minister of Malaysia on May 7, the day after winning the general election on May 7.



Malaysia’s economy is relatively free but centric. Currently Malaysia is considered to be an emerging industrial market economy. [5] [6] The government plays an important role in conducting economic activities of the country through various macro-economic plans. Although this effect is decreasing day by day. Malaysia’s economy is basically a free market economy.


International Relations | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Malaysia is one of the founding members of ASEAN and the OIC. Malaysia also has a strong presence as an active member of the United Nations, the Alliance neutral movement (NAM) and the Commonwealth. Malaysia’s foreign policy focuses on neutrality and friendly relations. As a major Muslim country, the country is committed to strengthening relations with Muslim countries in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Also in the geopolitical context, Malaysia has a very strong role in the issue of national wealth or nationality.


Israel has no diplomatic relationship with Malaysia and has never recognized Israel.


Malaysia’s relations with Palestine are very close and Malaysia has been providing moral support to the Palestinian independence movement. Malaysia has clearly protested Israel’s oppressive policy toward all forms of torture, invasion and Palestinian occupation of occupied Israeli soldiers.


Transportation system

Article 4, Constitution of Malaysia

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Education system | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Malaysia is quite advanced in terms of education. However, exterior shading is quite expensive.


Language | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Malay is the official language of Malaysia. About half of the population here speaks Malay. . There are about 6 more common languages ​​in Malaysia. Among them are various Chinese language dialects, Buginese language, Daik language, Javanese language and Tamil language. Bazaar Malay is a common language of the multinational market and is used as the universal language or Lingua Franca in Sabah province. The official language is Bahasa Malaysia. However, people of different ethnicities speak their own languages. English is taught as a second language from the school level. English is widely used for daily communication and business needs.


Religion | Happy Malaysia National Day 2019

Although Malaysia is officially a secular state, Islam is its official religion. About 5% of the total population of Malaysia is Islam. Besides, 1.5% of the people are Buddhist, 1.2% are Christian, 1.5% are Hindu and the rest follow other religions. People of all religions can enjoy the freedom to practice their own religious practices.


Sunni Muslims in Malaysia

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