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Happy Friendship Day Quotes: This World Friendship Day or Friendship Day is celebrated in various ways throughout the world. Earlier on this Friendship Day, it was celebrated with a friendship card or a small gift, but it has gradually changed over time. Now people have gotten much busier, life has become much faster, people are nowadays people’s conversation has stopped in certain applications. From Good Morning to Good Night to Good Night to Good Night, everything is limited in technology. Celebrating Friendship Day does not detract from that.

That said I was consumed by busyness. We do not even have time to buy a small card or a small gift. Nowadays, friendship means sending greetings or sending greetings via email to the Whats app. Already stuck. Earlier, friendship day was meant to be with friends – hustle, bustle, eating jerks on the street. happy friendship day quotes.


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Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

When you come, the happiness of hearing is heard,

The blink of an eye stops, seeing that face,

My gloom in the cloud of clouds, my mind

You will hear the tremors of the chest to get the ears.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

happy friendship day quotes

On this day

Everything is new,

Memories of happiness stay close

Let the misery go away. Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

happy friendship day quotes

A book is better than a hundred friends,

A good friend is like a library.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

Aussie, cola, lemon-

How are you friend


Scream, twist, tear-

Where are you dear.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

A good song is a good picture for 5 minutes, a good college for 3 hours for 2 years and a good friend for a lifetime. Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

Normal handwriting suite.

Friend I’m terribly alone.

Jossana makha on the moon,

My mind is empty.

Fill your mind,

Call me a little

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

Happy Friendship Day Quotes:


Friends want to read my “Just knowing SmS”

When you say “Uncheck”

Balance “‘only tension’

By just ‘saving money’

Please leave ‘SmS Send!

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


Grieve you, do not touch me!

Promise you happiness, do not leave me!

Promise your eyes, do not make me cry!

And friend you Promise, do not forget me .. !!

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

Friend if you’re alone call me,

I’ll talk to you all night,

If you have trouble, give me a share,

I’ll share your troubles, hand in hand ….

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


There are some leaves that fall into the light air.

There are some flowers that mourn a little heat.

And there are some friends who forget about pride.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

What happens to flowers,

One day it will drop.

What happens in a dream,

In the morning it will break.

Friend what to think

Friends will forget.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


What happens to flowers,

One day it will drop.

What happens in a dream,

In the morning it will break.

Friend what to think

Friends will forget.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


You miss me dear friend

To lose everything on earth,

Once you hide your eyes.

You are my friend, friend

Well you will be in love,

Thousands of births in my heart.

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!

Dude you are your own, bustling house ..

If I get in trouble, then do it ..

The river of happiness is not, like, the sand of sadness.

Take my friend all the time .. !!

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


A friend who shares a good day,

And leave in the dungeon,

He is your biggest enemy ..!

Happy Friendship Day 2019!!!!


Guys … the word is very small, but the depth is equal to the sky We are not alone in every step of life. Walking friends’ roads are almost impossible to find. Therefore, if a friend is fulfilled, then there will be no claim to friendship, it must be a friend like friend. There are friends Friends Never Die. Friends will never die.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes. And now the status of the society to improve its status by going to a large restaurant or cafe and ordering a filling meal and posting some good selfies posted on social networking sites. After that, it is worth judging how many likes or comments were read. Happy Friendship Day Quotes.

If you do not like or comment more then go with your friend next year. The reason? Not a very straightforward friend. In fact, it’s now showing a lot more people. Friendship is being lost, in the scourge of technology. Gradually, technology is swallowing up, and we have seen the ultimate examples of who is the friendship of man. 

In fact, friendship is not just stuck in the shackles of technology, it is also changing the meaning of friendship as well as some of the rules imposed by people around it as well as social progress. As a mother or a father who is holding their children in tuition, tuition, is it clearly not a friendship for them? .

Happy Friendship Day Quotes. So they have no days apart from Friendship Day. In fact, the value of relationships with us is diminishing day by day, friends, friendship, friendship day are fading. So even if you don’t have much fun with Friendship Day, at least for a while, spending some good time with a friend, some good moments can be made. Which will remain in the gut of the mind forever. Happy Friendship Day Quotes.

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